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David Hamel, Senior Developer

David Hamel, Senior Developer

Established: April 1991

Type: Privately Owned

Boxer Software specializes in the development of productivity software for PCs, with an emphasis on text editing and text processing.

First Product:
Boxer/DOS was released in 1991 and quickly gained a loyal following among users around the world. Since then, the Boxer Text Editors have been enthusiastically reviewed by numerous computer magazines and journals.

Other Products:
Boxer for Windows, Text Monkey PRO, Text Monkey Lite, The Permutator, File Append and Split Tool, Boxer/DOS (retired), Boxer/TKO (retired) and Boxer/OS2 (retired).

Boxer Software products have been licensed to customers in more than 70 countries on six continents, and to dozens of Fortune 500 companies.