Download full-featured evaluation copies of our products below. Scroll down for example macros, spelling dictionaries, syntax highlighting and other supporting files.

No spyware, no adware

Boxer Glove   Boxer Text Editor - for Windows  (size: 6.65 MB)

Click to download   Boxer Text Editor v14.0.0 - evaluation version

Boxer Text Editor

Note to Licensed Users: installing a newer evaluation version of Boxer atop your fully licensed copy will not cause the evaluation version to convert itself into a fully licensed version. Use the 'Check for Latest Version' command in Boxer's help menu to learn if your copy is up-to-date, and to get the latest version if you're out-of-date.

Text Monkey banana   Text Monkey - for Windows  (size: 1.1 MB)

Click to download   Text Monkey PRO, v1.0.1 - evaluation version

Click to download   Text Monkey Lite, v1.0.1 - freeware version

Text Monkey

The Permutator   The Permutator - for Windows  (size: 860 KB)

Click to download   The Permutator, v1.0.1 - evaluation version

The Permutator

F.A.S.T.   File Append and Split Tool - for Windows  (size: 448 KB)

Click to download   File Append and Split Tool, v1.0.0 - eval version

File Append and Split Tool

Example Macros

Boxer features a powerful macro language, and we've been assembling a collection of macros that perform useful functions, and which illustrate the use of the language. You can study the macros online, or download each as a file for later use. Take a few minutes to check out our ever-growing macro collection. You might find that someone else has already written a macro that will save you some time.

Spelling Dictionaries

An American English spelling dictionary with 143,000+ words is included with Boxer. Additional dictionaries are also available:

American dictionary for Boxer Text Editor

"Moby" (330,000+ words; 1042K)
(large American English dictionary)

British dictionary for Boxer Text Editor

British (160,000+ words; 357K)

Dutch dictionary for Boxer Text Editor

Dutch (115,000+ words; 408K)

French dictionary for Boxer Text Editor

French (130,000+ words; 141K)

German dictionary for Boxer Text Editor

German (172,000+ words; 436K)

Italian dictionary for Boxer Text Editor

Italian (60,000+ words; 58K)

Spanish dictionary for Boxer Text Editor

Spanish (430,000+ words; 258K)

Medical dictionary for Boxer Text Editor

Medical (100,000+ words; 379K)

Legal dictionary for Boxer Text Editor

Legal (120,000+ words; 260K)

To install an alternative dictionary file into Boxer:

  • Download a dictionary file above
  • UnZIP it into the Boxer installation directory
  • Select the active dictionary language in the Tools|Spell Check dialog.

Printable Documentation

Boxer includes comprehensive online documentation for all of its commands and features. This documentation is provided in compiled HTML Help (.CHM) format and is accessible from within Boxer via the Help menu. Most users will find Boxer very easy-to-use, and might need to refer to its documentation only when attempting complex operations. Other users may prefer to browse hardcopy documentation in order to acquaint themselves with all of a product's capabilities before (or as) they use it. For this reason we have also made Boxer's documentation available in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format so that it can be more easily printed by the end-user. Click here to download this file. Please note that this document is formatted for letter size (8.5" x 11") output; adjustments will be needed if another paper size is to be used. The document is approximately 915 pages in length and includes all the text and images found in the HTML Help version of the documentation.

You can also browse Boxer's help file online.

Fixed Width Screen Fonts

Boxer requires the use of a fixed width screen font so that all characters occupy the same width when displayed on screen. Since text is sometimes marked in rectangular columnar blocks, this is an essential requirement. Windows includes several fixed width fonts in its standard installation. Courier New and Terminal are the most common examples. If you prefer something different, you can find other fixed width fonts from various sources on the internet.

One such example is the Dina Programming Font, a very nice looking font from Jørgen Ibsen. Dina is a free font, and it can be downloaded by clicking the image below:

Another good-looking freeware font is Anonymous:

Boxer Boosters

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Built by Boxer

Bewildered? What we're trying to say is that we've assembled a small collection of banners and buttons you might use to announce your discriminating taste in text editors. This .zip file includes the HTML code needed to insert a banner or button onto a web page. Please feel free to place one of these banners on your website and link it to Thank you for your support!

Syntax Highlighting Information Files

Some users of Boxer have submitted Syntax Highlighting information files for languages which are not covered in Boxer's supplied information. In hopes that their efforts will save time for others, we'll be posting these files here as we receive them. If you have entered information for a new language please consider sending it in.

To import a language information file into Boxer:

  • download a file above to a directory of your choice *
  • run the Configure|Syntax Highlighting command
  • click Import and locate the downloaded file
  • click Open

* If your browser simply displays the content of the file rather than offering to save it to disk, select the text and copy it to the Windows clipboard. You can then paste the text into a file and save it to disk in the usual way.