“I have used Codewright, Slickedit and MultiEdit, but even though your product is less expensive, I think it is the best, for C, C++, JAVA, and XML programming.”

— Tom Geraldino 

“I told my last client that I would not be able to work for them if I couldn't put Boxer on their system. Fortunately, it was an easy sell; I believe they bought five copies for themselves. Honestly I'd rather quit than work without Boxer.”

— Glenn Rogerson 

“Thanks once again for an editor that blows away Microsoft Visual Studio!”

— Robert Hopkins 

“I still prefer your editor over CodeWright and Brief. I spend all day writing program code in a variety of languages, and over time both of the former packages have been deleted from my system in favor of Boxer. Many thanks for a great editor.”

— Andrew Bond 

“Excellent product! I've been using TextPad for years and finally came across something even better.”

— Daryn Belden 

“I used to use CodeWright and UltraEdit, and I have to tell ya, Boxer puts them both in the weeds.”

— Rich Kunz 

“Not only does Boxer offer so many features (EMacs or the like do that as well), but Boxer makes it easy to actually _find_ them, or customize them to your needs. It's a textbook example of an easy-to-use yet powerful user interface.”

— Elmar Vogt 

“Not a day goes by without me using my favorite text editor! Boxer is truly one of the most useful and well-written programs I have ever used. By far the best text editor there is. Keep up the great work!”

— Adam LaChant 

“When people ask me why I'm so attached to Boxer I tell them it's because ‘Boxer does the work, but I get the check’.”

— Bill Guindon 

“Not only do you have the best editor going you also have the best support I have ever had the pleasure of ‘running into.’”

— Rudy Pare 

“I have used Boxer for about three weeks now and I cannot find adequate words to describe the fabulously wonderful (there are two :-) experience, hence the simple statement of ‘Bravo!’.”

— David Cys 

“You have the best code editor I have ever seen. A brilliant product that has saved me hundreds of hours of time and frustration.”

— John Ossie 

“How do you improve on perfection? Take a look at Boxer 10 for an illustration. Boxer's macro facility, introduced with version 10.0, will blow you away. It is, quite simply, the most powerful macro language going. In sum, Boxer 10 is the best designed, most fully featured text editor on the market. A masterpiece.”

— Roger Kimball 

“Every time I felt something should be added I found it already was — and then some. A fine piece of work!”

— Edward J. Panner 

“Your editor is without a doubt the finest text editing tool I have ever had the pleasure of using. In the month I have spent evaluating Boxer, I have become progressively more dependent upon it, rapidly arriving at a point at which I cannot remember life before Boxer — nor, I think, do I care to.”

— Brian Donohue 

“Boxer is destined to become the standard by which editors are judged!”

— Brad Hanscom 

“In one word — remarkable”

— Wilhelm Ober 

“I've found no text editor for DOS or Windows that matches Boxer's combination of speed, features, ease of use, and attractiveness.”

— Michael Broomfield 

“The degree of customization possible through your Preferences screens is awesome.”

— Paul Simon 

“[Boxer is] the ultimate tool for the serious pro’ that can't afford the time and patience to mess around with lesser products.”

— Robert Harris 

“Making most everything configurable by the user to his or her tastes is another of the hallmarks of your products. Thanks for being so considerate in your approach.”

— Jeff Messinger 

“This FTP integration is the best improvement since changing from card punching to on-screen editors.”

— Daniel Treplin 

“Thanks for a great product that's made my life a lot more pleasant for about 7 years now.”

— Jack Williamson 

“Your editor should be awarded of some kind of Nobel prize!!!”

— Roberto Chiapparini 

“It's moments like these that make me realize how utterly dependent I am on one little piece of software: Boxer. My boss and co-workers all think I'm like an amazing engineer, but honestly, if I had to use Emacs (as most of them do), I'd be as slow as they are. It's like cheating!”

— Benjamin Whitehead 

“Just to let you know I love Boxer and how smart it is. It remembers! It thinks like a programmer! It is really the most helpful tool! Thank you for making it so.”

— Sylvia Eusebi 

“Boxer is a polished, quality product, and an indispensable tool which I use on a daily basis to handle all of my text editing needs.”

— Jerry Burg 

“Thanks for a great Text Editor, it's a work of genius!”

— Matt Cortes 

“The color-highlighting of keywords, keyed to the type of file being edited, is positively seductive.”

— David W. Walker 

“Boxer has enabled me to increase my overall productivity by 40% when editing programming languages.”

— Graham Bignell 

“I have just received my copy of Boxer, and without a doubt, it is the finest text editor I have ever used in the past 28 years.”

— Kenneth W. Martin 

“I have tried more editors than I can think of in the last few months and Boxer is the best.”

— Richard Dominelli 

“Boxer is a superb product!”

— Pierre Ardichvili 

“First off, I love Boxer. It took me all of three hours using it before I uninstalled CodeWright 7.0, and I'm convinced I'll never have to go back.”

— Benjamin Whitehead 

“Just installed the software, and it looks like just the ticket for several projects I'm working on. Your Text Monkey will save me hours of tedious work.”

— John McCabe 

“I program 14 hours a day, the last thing I want to do is to program my editor! Everything I've needed has already been built into Boxer.”

— Joshua Spahn 

“I am really impressed by the quality of Boxer 99. The Help system is probably the best I've ever seen.”

— Gary W. MacDonald 

“Your support is incomparable. Thanks a million!”

— Marian Floor 

“This is the most valuable software I own and still after all this time I have not found all the features! ”

— Mark Stamos 

“I just purchased your text editor and I find it to be an absolutely awesome tool for locating and replacing text strings in such a wide variety of files. I especially was pleased with how easy it was for a first time user to operate in less than a minute. I downloaded three other "search and replace" software tools before trying this one and the others don't even remotely compare to the Boxer software!”

— Larry Read 

“I want to thank you for offering an excellent text editor and first class service.”

— Tom Meiskey 

“I purchased your Windows product just a couple of weeks ago and am really impressed with it — you really have the best software price/features ratio on the planet!”

— George Phillips 

“It's a no-brainer: Boxer is the finest Editor on the planet.”

— Tim Mcatee 

“Your customer service is extraordinary! As is your Boxer Editor!”

— Walter Böhm 

“Mr. Hamel, you just made a supporter for life. When I first purchased, the program, I was at the end of a long search for a decent text editor. I was at first put off by the price. ‘So much for JUST a text editor?’ I whined. But I broke down and bought Boxer — and am I glad I did! I've since learned that Boxer is very much worth each cent paid for it! And the excellent support — wow! I thank you very much for your work.”

— Jonathan Davis 

“I've been using your evaluation copy for a while now. As a programmer, I can appreciate quality when I see it. Well done!”

— Paul Bunker 

“I have to tell you — the ‘ftp open’ function is alone worth the price when I'm debugging across platforms. Thanks!”

— Geoff Kovarik 

“Upgraded from 9 to 10, it just doesn't get any better than this. Thanks for a great tool, David. I use the program every day countless times, and it's worth every penny of the price.”

— Tim McAtee 

“Best text editor I've used, and I've used ’em all!”

— James Love 

“This product is excellent! Well done. The best programming tool I've used.”

— Alastair McDonald 

“I have had my copy of Boxer for two days now and I am absolutely in love.”

— Lance Johnson 

“Having used this editor extensively for C/C++ programming, I find it to be of very high quality.”

— Dick Housden 

“Boxer continues to be one of the best pieces of software of any kind I have ever used. Keep up the good work!”

— Steve Krenek 

“Overall, I am awed that a single human could produce such a fine piece of programming work as Boxer.”

— Neal MacNeal 

“To say that I'm impressed by Boxer is an understatement. It is elegant.”

— Craig McAdams 

“It was a pleasure talking with you on the phone a couple of weeks ago. It's always nice to actually talk to the person who wrote the software you'll be using instead of a ‘customer support’ person in some faceless organization.”

— Jeffrey Brydle 

“Boxer is not only one of the best editors available for programmers, but THE best.”

— John Bijnens 

“Thank you very much for your truly excellent service!”

— Timothy Grant 

“You, your staff and your programs have been a delight to work with.”

— Flynn Bloomer 

“Boxer is the single best text editor that I have seen, and even beats quite a few word processors at their own game. I highly recommend it for anyone.”

— John Mull 

“Boxer is one of the most elegant programs I've ever had the pleasure of using.”

— Peter Meem 

“Every day I find something new to like about Boxer.”

— Donald L. Martin 

“Boxer is the most reliable file editor I've used. Thank You.”

— W. Anderson Pierman 

“I'll have you know that I use Boxer so much that my WordPerfect for Windows is getting cobwebs.”

— Wayne Black 

“Boxer is the most useful, powerful and flexible program I've ever used!”

— Tyrin R. Price 

“Switching from my old text editor to Boxer was as smooth as a newborn's bottom!”

— David McKay 

“Best damn text editor I've ever seen!”

— David R. Baker 

“I have tried many other editors, but yours has the right balance of features without taking up half the hard disk.”

— Scott Plessner 

“You are damn good programmer”

— Christopher Blaszczyk 

“This is the coolest editor I've ever seen — and I've seen a lot of them!”

— David Grimsley