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Media Contact: David Hamel, 602-485-1635

Boxer Software Marks 15-Year Anniversary

Text Editor Vendor Delivers Old-Fashioned Value, Service

Scottsdale, AZ - April 1, 2006 - There will be no press conferences or parades when Boxer Software celebrates its 15-year anniversary on the sixth of this month. However, in today's fast-paced software market, that's more of a feat than some may realize. In a market where many firms won't see their first anniversary, and where others are consumed by their competitors, this developer of award-winning text editors has earned a strong following by dedicating itself to a pair of old-fashioned principles. Boxer Software strives to provide exceptional value and superior customer service. That dedication has been paying off: Boxer Software enjoys support from customers in 50 states and more than 70 foreign countries, as well as dozens of Fortune 500 clients.

Despite the popularity of today's high-powered (some might say over-powered) word processors, and programmer's editors that are shackled to a development environment, the Boxer Text Editors still find favor among writers and programmers who appreciate their efficient and powerful approach to editing text. According to founder David Hamel: “Some of today's new programs are beautiful to look at, but deliver only basic functionality. Others are so feature-packed that they've become cumbersome to use. Boxer strikes a balance by implementing a meaningful and diverse feature set in a manner that's both consistent and intuitive.”

Boxer Software markets its products primarily by distributing an evaluation version on the Internet. Once users experience the trial version, many are anxious to order the full copy. Universities and corporate sites will frequently standardize on a single text editor for computer labs or work groups in order to reduce software maintenance and boost productivity. Boxer Software accommodates such customers with attractive multi-user license pricing.

Boxer is priced at $59.99 for a single-user license and is compatible with all Windows versions. A fully functional trial version is available at the company's website. Network and multi-user licenses are also available. Phone: 602-485-1635. Email:, website: