There are many different ways to get technical support for our products. The first and most obvious resource is the help file. Our help files contain detailed information on the configuration and use of our products, and for all of their commands. If you are having problems, please consult the relevant section of help before contacting us for support.

Browser-Based Online Help

The HTML help file for the Boxer Text Editor is also available online. Click here to browse the help file.

Online Help

Boxer FAQs

You might be able to find an answer to your Boxer-related question in our Frequently Asked Questions list. Click here to view the list.


Boxer Tutorials

Our Tutorials section features step-by-step, task-oriented solutions to common text editing jobs. Click here to visit the Tutorials section.


Boxer Shorts

For short suggestions on how to use Boxer more productively, be sure to check out our 'Boxer Shorts' collection. Click here to access this collection of usage tips.

Boxer Shorts

Example Macros

The Boxer Text Editor features a powerful macro language, and we've been assembling a collection of macros that perform useful functions, and which illustrate the use of the language. Take a few minutes to check out our ever-growing macro collection. You might find that someone else has already written a macro that will save you some time.

Example Macros

Discussion List

The Boxer Software List is another good source of information for users of our products. This list connects our users with one another using group email messaging. Members of the list receive email messages that are posted to the list, and are in turn allowed to send messages to the list. You can get technical support questions answered quickly, or share your own knowledge and tips with other users. To join this online community of Boxer Software users, click here.

Yahoo Groups

Electronic Mail

You can send email to us via the internet. We prefer this method of support since it allows us to fully research a problem before responding. Also, we can sometimes reuse an earlier reply for a problem which has been experienced by more than one person. Most inquiries will be answered within one business day.


Email Support