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Pay-per-click advertising services such as Google's AdWords, Yahoo Search and others allow advertisers to reach targeted prospects for just pennies apiece. Never before has it been possible to advertise so cheaply, quickly and effectively to such a broad audience.

But the keyword phrases that drive these services are priced based on a high-bidder strategy, and the most popular/common phrases are quickly bid up in price. The secret to getting low-priced clicks is to develop a comprehensive list of keyword phrases that other advertisers aren't bidding on.

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A Click is Worth a Thousand Phrases

Imagine a tool that would quickly create keyword phrases containing all possible combinations of your input keyword lists. Hundreds--even thousands--of keyword phrases. Phrases that haven't been bid on by your competitors. Phrases that are still available for the minimum bid price. Phrases that will bring targeted traffic to your website.

We've written just such a tool. It's called The Permutator.

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The Permutator


The Permutator is filled with the features you need to quickly and efficiently develop keyword phrase lists. Select from unquoted, double-quoted, square-bracketed and space-less output formats. The Permutator can also generate keyword phrases with built-in bid amounts and landing page URLs in the format used by Google's AdWords service. When you're done, copy your word list to the clipboard for easy pasting into your online account. Or, export to a file in simple list format or comma-separated-value (CSV) format.

"Nothing is more important in internet marketing than
keywords. I'm impressed! This is a tool that everyone
in internet marketing can use … and NEEDS."

--Dr. Phil Speer
Bonus Tools

The Permutator includes bonus tools to help you develop your word lists, manage your PPC ad campaigns and to assess your results. The Typo Tool makes it easy to generate common typing errors for a given word or phrase. You can choose to generate typos using any or all of the following options: omitted letters, repeated letters, transposed letters, mistyped letters and double-pressed letters. The Ad Editor allows you to compose new ad text offline, while it enforces the size limits for several major PPC services. This makes it easy to test new ad concepts without having to login in to your online accounts. Experienced advertisers know that it's all about the bottom line: Return on Investment (ROI). The ROI Calculator makes it easy to compute how your ad campaigns are performing relative to one another, or from month to month.

Ad Editor         ROI Calculator

Pays for Itself

If you're already running one or more pay-per-click ad campaigns, you know how expensive they can be. Many advertisers spend $200 or more per month on their campaigns; some spend more than $1000. Reducing the amount you pay per click is of prime importance. The Permutator helps you by creating keyword phrases that are not widely bid upon, thereby saving you money. And since it's priced at just $49.99, The Permutator will pay for itself in no time at all!

"This is a phenomenal piece of software. You could (and should!) triple the price -- it's well worth it!"

--Joshua B.

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The sooner you get started, the sooner you can start saving, and drive more traffic to your website. The Permutator makes it easy to create large, highly targeted word lists in just minutes. You can't go wrong: your satisfaction is guaranteed.

The Permutator v1.0.1, for Windows
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Still not convinced? Download a trial version of The Permutator and try it for yourself. You'll be able to enter keywords, generate permutated keyword phrases, save and reload projects and experiment with all of the program's features. The trial version imposes no limits on the size of the keyword phrase lists that can be created, but you will not be allowed to export the generated word lists for use in your ad campaign.

Struggling with Google AdWords?

We recommend the educational materials offered by Perry Marshall. We consulted his Definitive Guide to AdWords when creating our own AdWords campaigns, and again when developing The Permutator. Perry Marshall follows the Google AdWords marketplace very closely, and is considered by many to be its leading expert.

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