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Newest Release of Boxer Packs a Punch

Text Editor Appeals to Programmers, Engineers and Power Users

Scottsdale, Arizona - 12/03/2002 - With their latest offering, Boxer Software has added even more features to what was already a feature-laden text editing package. Boxer Text Editor v10.0 adds more than 100 new features and enhancements to the program, making the product a very strong contender in the Window text editor marketplace.

Boxer 10 features a powerful macro language that allows users to automate repetitive editing tasks. The language provides access to all of the editor's commands, as well as functions for string manipulation, math, time and date and more. In total, more than 350 functions are available. Macros can be coded in the editor's macro environment, which uses a thoughtfully implemented context-sensitive help system. For simple macros, a record “by example” interface is provided that writes the macro automatically as you type command keys.

Also featured in Boxer 10 is an active spell check feature that underlines misspelled words as you type. This has become an expected feature in word processors, but it's a rare find in a text editor. Boxer's active spell check feature can even be configured to spell check the comments and quoted strings within a program, without providing false reports for reserved words and variable names.

Boxer's new project support will be appreciated by anyone who needs to maintain groups of files efficiently. For programmers, this might mean opening and closing all files related to a project in a single operation. For other users, it could mean opening a series of related notes, lists or reference files. Creating a new project is easy, and files can be added to-or removed from-the project at any time.

Boxer is priced at $59.99 and is compatible with all 32- and 64-bit Windows versions. A fully functional trial version is available at the company's website. Network and multi-user licenses are also available. Contact: Boxer Software, P.O. Box 14545, Scottsdale, Arizona 85267-4545. Phone: 602-485-1635. email:, website:


Boxer Software was founded in 1991. Its first product, Boxer/DOS, was released in that year, and enjoyed an enthusiastic following among DOS users. Since then, Boxer Software has developed and released text editors for multiple platforms. The current flagship product, Boxer 10 for Windows, offers the most extensive text-editing tools available, with programmable macros, extensible syntax-highlighting for numerous programming languages, and extensive search/replace, reformatting, spell-checking, and related tools. Boxer has become a favorite among software- and web-designers, engineers, and academics around the world.